changes wastewater and seawater to freshwater




More than 97% of global water reserves are seawater, less than 3% Sweetwater. Of this small Sweetwater reservoir again more than 99% are not accessible for mankind, as two thirds are bound in pole caps and glaciers, almost one third in inaccessible subterranean water reservoirs.

DG rund

The Desertgreener desalinates seawater without energy costs only by focusing sunlight by a parabolic trough mirror. In a small scale the cycle of nature is copied. Water heated by the sun evaporates and condensates as distilled water, whereas the brine is left and led to salt gardens.

Wüste rund

Worldwide, deserts and semi-deserts cover a space larger than the Americas and are rapidly growing, all three years in the size of Germany, threatening one third of all fertile land with desertification. To stop this development and roll back the deserts by greening the land the inexhaustible water reserves of the seas are needed.